Saturday, March 20, 2010

Musical Blogging

So it has been a year (and a day) since my last post. I figured it was time. You see, if blogs are just a forum for our thoughts, then there really isn't an excuse to go for a year without posting. Unless, of course, you are a thoughtless person. Which I hope I am not. Therefore this post.

I decided to try something new tonight. I dub it musical blogging. You see, I've noticed over the past few days that certain songs evoke clear images and feelings. I wanted to see what would happen if I just wrote whatever thoughts came into my mind while listening to such a song. I've always acknowledged the power that music has in our lives, but it has somehow become more defined this past week. It's not the first time that this has happened.

I always remember my mother talking to me about how much music lifts her up. I had never really experienced that (or at least paid attention to it) until my freshman year of college. I sang in the BYU Men's Chorus. It changed my life. I understood for the first time, the real power of music. As I look back now, it's clear that music has always been an influence in my life - I can remember some years of teenage angst...I seemed to listen to an awful lot of harder rock back then. I can also remember my wonderful senior year where I was immersed in so much good music through choir, church, and good friends. I don't find the correlation simply coincidental.

As anyone reading this can tell, this post has no clear direction. It's mostly just a meandering through my thoughts. Tonight I was able to go to a Men's Chorus concert and feel some of those wonderful feelings associated with their music and its messages. On a side (and somewhat related) note, I sat next to B Money. This morning, I had lunch with friend Becca at a Chinese restaurant. There was odd Chinese music playing there and although it didn't really do much for me personally, I recognize that it does for others. The universal nature of music impresses me, that's all.

Now, here's the musical blogging part. I'm currently listening to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant's "Please Read the Letter."

I see an old car traveling down a long straight road. It's sunny, warm, summertime. There are cornfields on either side of the road. It all appears in the clarity of a home video from like the seventies. Or sixties. Ya know? You can see the individual frames flickering in and out really quickly. I see lots of childhood memories in this way. Like when I learned to ride a bike. I don't actually own the memory - it's manufactured from watching my own home videos. Except when I listen to this song it comes back in sixties/seventies form. Don't know why exactly. Oop, song's over. Guess that's it. Kinda anti-climactic. Sorry. Experiment over.

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